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I am a self proprieting single mother of three little Einsteins.


Thank you for taking the time to visit Celadon Creations and/or Mission: Possible! I hope you find many ideas to inspire you. Take the time to look around, visit those who inspire me and feel welcome to contact me for more information or just to say "hi".

Let me take the time to tell you a bit about myself and my background in art.

As a child I drew every day. The simple sketchs and scribbles of every child. Some times wild and crazy; other times non-descript and placid. I remember the day when I realized that my drawings could have detail just as life did. It was as if I had been watching black and white t.v. and had just discovered color television! I sat down to draw a tree. It no longer looked like a green cloud perched upon a trunk. It had branches, and individual leaves, light filtering through, and detail in the bark upon the trunk of the tree. I thought I was an artist!

Years past, but my love of art never did. I found my self completing four years of commercail photography courses but never making it out of basic art classes. Somewhere along the line, I realized I could not draw to save my life. My parents owned and operated an art gallery and small photography business which I was happily employed at for a number of years until leaving to start a family of my own.

I now have three beautiful and bright children whom I love very much. They are the most amazing works of art to ever be created. When not tending to their every need I find myself owning and operating a small cleaning business and creating other works of art. While I still can't draw, I can create beautiful works of art thanks to the girls best friend: The rubber stamp!

I dabble in everything from paper crafts, rubber stamping, hand painted silk scarves, to custom evening clutches. My mind never stops thinking when it comes to art. I find inspriation in just about everything from advertising and architehture to magazines and fallen leaves. Art is everywhere.

My photography instructor gave me some of the most valuable information to be had: Be observant. Be observant of everything. I still hear his voice as I look around in my daily comings and goings. Laughing at this and that or staring in awe. Everything I see leaves an impression upon my being and helps me to create.

I hope that what you see here in my blog will leave a positive impression upon you and help you create as well.

Dusty Patrick


paper crafting, rubber stamping, die cuts, art, family, friends, and making my kids laugh.